Dott & Arrow is all about creating jobs and giving back to the community. We believe that the clothes themselves won't change the world but the women wearing them will. We believe in wearing clothes that make you feel like YOU. We believe in the power of a girl gang and helping everyone succeed. We want the ambassador program in all states to help women feel a part of something bigger than themselves. Community. Empowerment. Confidence. Love.

On that note, hi beauty! If you've been feeling called to:

  • Make an impact while making an income
  • Expand your circle and be part of a massive girl gang
  • Lead as an example of confidence, community, and love
  • Be in a space of up-leveling and receiving 

Then the ambassador program is for you, babe! 

What you get... 

  1. You will receive a 15% off discount code that you and your followers can use at any time
  2. You will receive 10% commission off every order placed with YOUR discount code, payouts will be approx 2 weeks after the order has been placed to account for any returns
  3. You will have access to either Whitney or Kennedi for questions, monthly goal planning, etc.

What will be expected...

  1. Your account MUST be public
  2. You will be required to post about Dott & Arrow MINIMUM of twice a month, either on your story or feed. You can create your own content or share D&A posts but the more you market , the more you will sell of course. Accounts will be monitored and deactivated for any ghost ambassadors so make sure and tag us in your shared posts!